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Condens8 is a water manufacturing and bottling company. We utilise advanced technology to produce, filter, purify and bottle water.
Our water is produced using atmospheric water generators, which convert ambient air into drinking water. Whilst other water bottling companies purify an existing source of water, we are the source.
In 2017 we were working in the Eastern Cape and had a first-hand view of the effects of the drought on communities and the far reaching consequences of living in a water scarce country. It was this that motivated us to research alternate sources of water and methods of producing it. We began our research and development into using atmospheric water generators, the impact on the environment and alternate sources of energy. Massive Dynamix Water is the result of 5 years of research and development. Atmospheric water generators are not new machines, however our solution in harvesting the maximum capacity due to simulating an environment conducive to the machines providing water at their optimum, is unique.
Our water plant is one of the first of its kind globally. We have pioneered this concept, being mindful to ensure that there is little to no environmental impact. We are not depleting or destroying a natural resource, given that we are dependent on humidity for the production of water. Our entire plant is powered by alternate energy. We use solar panels and reclaim heat in order to power the plant. We are independent of the traditional electricity grid. Our entire solution is scale-able and many plants of its kind can be built in any region that contains a minimum humidity level of 60%, like hospitals, clinics and other entities.
We are committed to providing clean water and clean energy. We have recently expanded into hydroponic farming using our surplus water to cultivate micro-greens and other fresh produce.














Our Water is abstracted from air.

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We use technologies that span across the heat, electricity, water and farming industry. We pride ourselves on being experts in our various fields and have implemented sustainable green friendly solutions helping reduce our carbon footprint whilst capitalizing on the endless benefits our clean energy.

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