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Founded in 2012, the Massive Dynamix Group currently comprises Massive Dynamix Business Solutions that caters to the Public Sector providing Information Systems, Accounting, Performance Management Systems & Industrial Relations Solutions. Massive Dynamix Medical Supplies a subsidiary that supplies medical equipment and disposable masks, gloves, sanitizers and various hazmat suits to both the public and private sectors. Massive Dynamix Water T/A Condens8 Atmospheric Water is another subsidiary of the Massive Dynamix Group.  The active operations of Condens8 is currently Energy & Water Production through alternative means e.g atmospheric water generation and electricity generation using solar panels, heat exchange &  lastly wind turbines which we envision more of within the next year. We have recently expanded in to Hydroponic farming growing micro-greens and eventually fresh produce in bulk all using our surplus water from our atmospheric water generators.We aim to be the largest completely hybrid plant in the SADC region producing water, electricity, micro-greens and vegetables all using clean energy and clean water.

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Time line

The humble beginnings of the Massive Dynamix.

Founded in 2012

Massive Dynamix was created in 2012, using investments from family and friends to provide solutions to local government. Our First Client was Umzimvubu Municipality in the Eastern Cape. We grew steadily over the next 5 years and expanded into electricity vending systems and smart meter systems.This then created the basis for Condens8 as water and electricity go hand in hand .

Condens8 R& D 2017-2019

A lot of research and development went into building Condens8, 5 years of work with various experts eventually yielded solid plans, schematics and patents in alternative provision for water and electricity. Atmospheric Water generation was just the beginning... Electricity Generation, hydroponics, heat exchange, kinetic to potential energy conversion. All of the above concepts were amalgamated tweaked and refined until it gave life to bulk water and electricity provision on the scale it is at today.

Condens8 2020

Our bottling plant was designed and built in 2020 in Cornubia Durban, we spent 6 months building the plant and a further 3 months testing and diagnosing the very first hybrid plant in the country. We landed corporate clients within the first 6 months of trading and rapidly grew. Today we provide water to some of the biggest multinationals in the country and boast a wide range of products and services.


In order to cater to growing demand for basic necessities such as food water and electricity, we've needed to grow rapidly. We are a company that is concerned with the most pressing issues faced by our country, we want to drive the process of alternate water food and energy by creating exciting financially viable solutions. Create population awareness by campaigns and guerilla marketing to both educate our and provide answers.

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